Last weekend my mom visited. Because she hadn't been there before, I took her to the tiny wonderful church where I interned. The mediation at the Saturday evening service was on healing. Not necessarily the kind where one is cured or everything is fixed, but the kind where healing is still present, even in the absense of a cure.

Timely message. I'm seeing the need for this all over the place this week. Mary Beth is calling for it, Iris is calling for it, and I discovered this morning that a very close friend's father is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. A leader in my Spiritual Direction group was recently in an awful car accident, and is experiencing a lot of pain. My mother is certainly in need of healing. I think my church is. I think The Church is, as Tandaina has been sharing lately. I have to stop listing, because it goes on and on.

O merciful Father, who hast taught us in thy holy Word that
thou dost not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men:
Look with pity upon the sorrows of thy servant for whom
our prayers are offered. Remember
her, O Lord, in mercy,
her soul with patience, comfort her with a sense
of thy goodness, lift up thy countenance upon
her, and give
peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
-BCP, p.831


  1. yes. We need healing.
    the church too.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. M.

    "nourish her soul with patience"
    What a great prayer. I hadn't thought about this time in my life as being an opportunity for soul nourishment, but just as a time to be endured.


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