Images and Imagination

I am wordy. Of course I am-- how many bloggers aren't? By and large, if we weren't at home with language, we wouldn't do this.

My sweet husband, on the other hand, is Not Wordy. This can be frustrating for both of us. We've worked out a system where sometimes, to more accurately express emotion, I ask him to do a little dance. You wouldn't believe how well this can work. (He seems embarrassed, but he loves it. It's darling.) He's a very visual person. So Mr. M has had me thinking about communication and images.

Lately, when I've met with my spiritual director, we've talked about some very clear, very useful metaphors. Her suggestion: meditate on those images.

While I'm thinking about images and spirituality, I'm also thinking about imagination-- calling images forth, being open to new images, new possibilities of images. I'm WILD about Walter Brueggemann's The Prophetic Imagination. (In fact, I bet longtime readers may be wondering how many times I can try to get you to read this book!) I believe that God uses our imaginations to spur us on to new realities, new pieces of our lives.

So, in pursuit of a new model of thinking, I'm going to try to blog with images for a while. Not just images, of course-- a woman can only grow so much overnight! But in the same way that poetry gives us a wide breadth of meaning with word-pictures, I'd like to open up to new possibilities of meaning in the images before me. New adventure coming soon.


  1. How exciting! I've been tempted to do similar posts, exspecially by thos revgalpals who use pics for their friday five! Unfortuantly I am not so computer literate and I can never figure out how to get pics let alone add them to a blog :( I'm looking forward to your "new format"! Blessings!

  2. I like the "images" idea too... I can do it sometimes, but not always. I'd also like to get a digital camera and take my own images but that would require 1) a camera and 2) a whole new skill set.

    btw, keep plugging Brueggeman!

  3. cool!
    btw - I'm adding that book to my list.


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-Saint Molly Ivins