Prayers in the Middle of the Night

An entirely reasonable prayer might be, 

"Hey! This thing I'm stewing about is way above my pay grade. What the hell are you doing up there?! Fix it!"



The incredible thing about our mid-pregnancy move is that we're now in a place where making time to see all our loved ones is tricky (particularly if we need a little family down time, and also to have clean socks). This wonderful problem has been compounded:  we're making new friends!

In a couple of cases, I've had mommy crushes for a long time before reaching out.  I think, "she'll never want to hang out with me!  She's too sweet!"  I finally traded numbers this morning with a mommy that I've liked for months.  Will we become friends?  Who knows?

I am loving, and warm, and sometimes generous, but I am really not sweet.  For the love of Pete, trust me on this.  

Equal quantities of shared traits are not what makes a sturdy friendship.  As evidence of this: a remarkable number of very sweet, careful people already love me, and have for a long time.  They freak me out a little, honestly, but there they are.

Love in friendship is as big (bigger?) a mystery than romantic love.

Belated Happy Galentine's Day.

PS: Pregnancy and the little biscuit's (LB) first year felt VERY personal to me.  A friend observed with surprise that I didn't let people know when I was in labor or that LB was here until after we all got home-- but I'm completely sympatico with the cats who hide under the porch until the kittens are all cleaned off and ready to explore a little.