My New Boyfriend

should be Barack Obama. I feel pretty strongly about this. Thank goodness someone is respecting religion without using it as a human meat tenderizer.

He may not be ready in '08, but I would be thrilled to vote for this man.

Actually Making Myself Dizzy Now

with my perspective on the new presiding bishop. Someone recently said to me, "Aren't you excited that our new bishop is a woman?!" My first thought was, isn't that just about as ridiculous as being excited that someone DIDN'T elect a woman? Either way, we're judging on gender, which is something I'd like to move away from.


Hopping Back and Forth Over the Line

First, I got riled up because I felt like the election of Katharine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA was a slap in the face to most of the anglican communion. At a time when we're on the outs with them for not discussing controversial decisions, this was a very frustrating move to me.

Then, I heard that we've apologized for our quick decisions on another ordination, and have agreed to enter into more discussion before we charge ahead. Calmed down a little.

BUT this morning I read the following:
"The rector of an Episcopal church in Illinois that does not ordain women told the New York Times that the new bishop would not be welcome there. 'Just like we can't use grape juice and saltines for Communion, because it isn't the right matter, we do not believe that the right matter is being offered here,' he said, apparently referring to Bishop Jefferts Schori's female parts."

Now, I'm all riled up on the other side! How offensive! I want to be in dialogue and maintain unity through our differences-- it's really appalling to be when people on either side choose not to be respectful.

I don't have to agree with you to respect you, but how on earth are we going to get through this rocky time if we're attacking instead of listening?



It's amazing how people step in with a little faith when we're short of it. Mr. M said to me yesterday, "I really want to be a preacher's wife." My nutty spiritual director told me I'm going to make a wonderful priest, and my crazy little priest told me that he'd be thrilled to have me preach sometime soon.

Thank you for holding me up, my lovely friends.



I have Wednesdays off this summer. In June, Mr. M and I are having play dates (he had to use his vacation days before July 1).

I've been thinking about how to occupy my Wednesdays for the rest of the summer, and I think I'm going to talk to my friend at the Lancaster Council of Churches. They're an ecumenical group that comes together to offer assistance (food, clothing, shelter) to those in the area.

I'm looking forward to this. I'm hoping that I can keep the Wednesdays off this fall, but at least the end of the summer I'll work with good people doing good things. (Refreshing.)