Wednesday Prayers: Finishing Up

I have a confession:  I am complete rubbish at finishing what I start.  I mean, I do it (sometimes), but I hate it.  Kicking and screaming hate it. When you finish a project, there's no more potential for it to be brilliant.  It just is what it is.  Furthermore, everyone can see what it is, and determine your worth accordingly.

I have two major projects left to do, and three minor ones.  And yet I've bought my books for next semester, because isn't it nice to think about what's going to happen next?  (By the way-- this is very 7-y.  )

So, my prayers this week are about finishing what I've begun.  (Or, in some cases, beginning what I need to finish.)  For patience and focus and a spirit of calm, rather than a spirit of fear.  For some of that enjoyment of work that I was talking about last week.

How about you?  Do you need prayer to be able to finish, or are you someone who needs prayer because you're too focused on work?  Let me know, and I'll add you to my list.


Wednesday Prayers: For Work

It's the week before the last week of classes, and I'm enjoying my work.  There's a little notepad with due dates on my desk, and as I cross things off my list, I'm relishing the writing and thinking.  Thanks be to God for that.  Really.  I've had a lot of jobs where I was a ridiculous fit (and where I felt I was accomplishing nothing at all), and I love being a student.  This is joyful work, and it feels great to exercise these muscles.  Lift up a little gratitude with me, if you'd like to.
(Though I will say:  I miss the days when finals were due AFTER the last classes, and not during.)

How's your job?  Are you finding any satisfaction in it?  Shall I hold your work in prayer?  Let me know.


Walking home.

The walk to and from school (across the few blocks that constitute downtown) can be peculiar.

Today, I saw a tree in full bloom. All I could think of was Thomas Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard-- "full many a flower is born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air."

Or, in this case, its sweetness shall be wasted in the wintry air. (Have I mentioned how often poetry's come to mind lately? A good indication that even though there are frustrations, I'm pretty happy.)

Also, a man tried to sell a dress to me. Walked right out of his shop onto the sidewalk to give me his pitch as I walked by. Funny.

And, finally, CHAI-NOG. I really love winter beverages.

That's it. Just stopping by.