The Book.

No, not that book, silly. Facebook.

Am I the last person to find this sucker? I must be, because I'm shocked by the number of people I know on it. Which is exciting, but...

It's bringing out my inner wallflower. (What's that? You didn't realize I had a shy side? You thought I was always opinionated and irritating? Well, maybe.)

Lovely people out there, some of them people I've remembered fondly for lo, these many years. But ask them to be my "friend" again? Hmm. Not sure. Scary.

Also-- I'm confused by the medium. Is seems like (am I wrong?) there are lots of toys associated with it, but not much real contact. More of a timekiller than a real reconnect?

So, mystified by technology once again (Want to explain it to me, Mr. M?), I'm going to go for a walk and shuffle these gorgeous leaves around.


  1. I know! I need to get on Facebook too. I just never get around to it. I really need to get on there!

  2. I am not on facebook but I do have a myspace page. Totally moritfies my son!

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    you should use my email address to locate me on facebook -- or I'll use yours the next time I'm on to friend you! :)

  4. I have never even looked at a Facebook page ever. But since a blogging buddy has invited me to be a "friend,' I might check it out. Seems scary, but blogging used to, as well.

  5. iris is on now and even playing scrabulous with me! and i'd love to be your friend too, but i don't know your real name. i now have a gmail account that you can get to from my profile if you want to become friends over there. i'm very new to facebook and loving it. and yes, ladyburg, join us! it only takes a few minutes, and then all the time it sucks away!


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