Friday Five: Pumpkins and Apples

Holy Mackerel! Singing Owl gave us Night Owl Friday Five, this week! Fall's settling in, so we've got some Halloween questions ahead of us.

1. How did you celebrate this time of year when you were a child?
We really didn't celebrate. Sometimes I would get dressed up and go trick-or-treating, other times I'd go to a church festival in lieu of trick-or-treating, but we moved so much that there wasn't much consistancy in how we celebrated any holidays.

2. Do you and/or your family “celebrate” Halloween? Why or why not? And if you do, has it changed from what you used to do?
Nope, we don't. That might change if we have kids, I suppose.

2. Candy apples: Do you prefer red cinnamon or caramel covered? Or something else?
Definitely caramel covered! Although I admit that I'd rather just have apple slices to dip into caramel-- eating candy apple might require more coordination than I have.

3. Pumpkins: Do you make Jack O’ Lanterns? Any ideas of what else to do with them?
Nope. Mr. M and I have talked about it, but this just isn't a holiday I get excited about. (On the other hand, I quite like All Saint's Day...)

4. Do you decorate your home for fall or Halloween? If so, what do you do? Bonus points for pictures.
We like seasonal wreaths on the door. Nothing cutesy, just pretty leaves or something.

5. Do you like pretending to be something different? Does a costume bring our an alternate personality?
Maybe, but I'm not sure I reserve that for Halloween! If I'm nervous about something, I'm more likely to dress nicely and make sure my hair and makeup are done. There are tiny tees and cowboy boots for when Sarah and I go to the rodeo (watch out, Mr. M, it could happen again!). There are cocktail dresses for when I want to feel fancy, and hippie dresses for when I want to feel free. There are all kinds of everyday costumes that are more subtle, but just as fun, ways of being a witch or a princess.

Bonus: Share your favorite recipe for an autumn food, particularly apple or pumpkin ones.
Dang. I made apple pie last weekend. I'd love to share the recipe, but it's at home! Well, instead I'll share the recipe for Apple Pie Smoothie. (Mr. M has been making smoothies for my breakfasts, and they've gotten... creative.)

1 carton Dannon French Vanilla Yogurt
1/2 c Almond milk
6 crushed almonds
1/2 c. apples sauted with butter, sugar, and cinnamon (chilled)

(This may not be the world's healthiest smoothie...)


  1. Yum to the smoothie recipe, and I love your everyday costume answer!

  2. Wow, good play! I especially love your answers to #5 and the bonus!

  3. ooh apple smoothie. I'm going to try that soon!

  4. the smoothie sounds good, but I'm very interested in the apple pie recipe!

  5. Love your costume answer! And the smoothie sounds amazing! Not all smoothies must be "healthy!"

  6. It may not be diet food, but the smoothie sounds great!

  7. The smoothie sounds delicious.

    I like your new autumnal look!

  8. You are in reprieve if you enjoy All saints' Day.

  9. Yummy-sounding smoothie. I find the tastiest are usually not so healthy (a la Bridget Jones who, in the book, drinks thousands of "healthy smoothies" and gains ten pounds).

    Well played!

  10. Ditto to what cpclergymama said. I'll try the smoothie. Maybe tomorrow morning. :-)

  11. I really like your new autumn colors and picture. The smoothie sounds yummy.

  12. the smoothie sounds delish! good point about "everday wardrobes" being costumes of sorts- how true we do like to camoflauge ourselves for one reason or another...

  13. i'm with hot cup on the smoothie (yum!) and the everyday costumes, and maybe caricatures to some extent, too. thanks for playing!


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