Hey, guys, look over here!!!

This morning in The Washington Post's "On Balance" section, I found this post about being a priest/mom.

Thought you might enjoy that someone outside our little enclave was publishing this stuff!


  1. Interesting essay, bt I'm sorry that she interpreted the woman's words as hatred directed toward her rather than as the inner doubt that they probably reflected. M experience has been that when people attack you, it's usually over something that bothers them about themselves.

  2. Gannet,

    I think you're probably right. There were parts of her short essay that me of BBT's Leaving Church. However, I thought it was great that the Post ran it!

  3. Interesting. GG I wondered about her response and yes Mrs M caught the BBT LC flavor. But visibility, yes, it's a good thing. Perhaps she should drop by the preacher party! ;)

  4. I, too, am reminded of BBT's Leaving Church. Stories like theirs make me nervous as I am a stay at home mom at the moment. Ah, life. All we can do is do our best and follow our hearts and try to not let the grass be always greener, yes? Cause it's hard no matter what. And wonderful, too. btw, Mrs M, check out my most recent blog post...Mompriest left an encouraging and empowering comment regarding creative priesthood...outside the box.

  5. Well, inner doubt is one charitable interpretation, but I have experienced much judgment from heavily pious SAHMs that I knew quite well, including family members. They were quite sure of their righteousness and the evils of my following my vocation and sharing parenting with my children's father.

    On that note, did anyone notice the offensive piece below calling a full time dad "Mr. Mom" even after mentioning he hates the term? My husband has been similarly insulted and it's bad for everyone, furthering the idea that childcare is rightfully women's work and men are "helping" or "babysitting" (more insults directed at my spouse) when they care for their children part or full time. IMHO these are the only ones who deserve the term dad--the others are sperm donors.


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