Travelling Mercies

Mr. M left this morning to spend a few days at the beach with the Out-Laws. I would have loved to go (and Mr. M is pretty darn distraught about missing out on my new swimsuit).

I'm going to miss him, but I'm a tiny bit looking forward to putzing on my own. We've finally straighted up our spare bedroom, and there's a little white desk just waiting for me to take some letter-writing time. It sits directly under a window (which is, to my mind, the very best place for a desk). I can see lots of trees, our creek, and this time of year-- the ducklings! from that window. I think I'll have a nice peaceful evening tomorrow.

It's funny how, even when you're silent, it's very hard to have the same sort of peace with someone else home.

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-Saint Molly Ivins