I Need My Fix

Because I'm a serious NPR junkie, I'm seriously considering giving in and saving up for an iPod.

Because there are NPR shows that my local station doesn't get. (Speaking of Faith? Splendid Table? Countless others!) Plus, sometimes I actually have to work, rather than listening to NPR (gasp!). So podcasts would be a blessing (and a curse).

But here are my questions-- does iTunes work for all MP3 players, or just iPods? Could I go with a cheaper version, or is Apple really my best bet? And am I honestly going to be able to figure out how to subscribe to podcasts?

Somebody help me make the transition.


  1. I would stick with an ipod because itunes makes it SOOOO easy to use. Ipods come in a wide range of prices and features, too.

  2. I have a zen and I love it. But then I am not into pod cast so I do not know how easy they would be to down load. I have never had a problem downloading music to my zen.

  3. I like the ipod, and it's so so easy to subscribe to a podcast on itunes.

    And, please tell me you are listening to "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

  4. Of course, I'm listening to "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait!" Do you think I'm some sort of Philistine?

  5. Having only got turned on to NPR since I moved out here, I now understand your desire...though IPods are a little too new-wave for me to, y'know, _know_ anything about.

  6. I got an i-Pod two years ago January and it is my FAVORITE POSSESSION. What else could keep me regaled during hideous morning commutes to Andover-Newton but "The Splendid Table" and NPR podcasts? Who but Krista Tippett of "Speaking of Faith" could motivate me to take an hour-long walk and not even notice how hard I'm sweating? What else but my i-Pod could help me endure a trans-continental flight without having an anxiety attack?

    Girl, get you one. They're incredibly easy to use and a wonderful companion.


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