Speaking of requests

Does anyone have any favorite choir and/or Gospel CDs? I'd love to find stuff for belting out in the car, but there's a lot out there that doesn't quite work. I LOVE King's College Choir, but their hymns are so beautifully arranged that they're hard to sing along with! I like a cappela, but the King's Singers are such precise Brits that their gospel album sounds weird to me. I like classical, and I like southern gospel, but I don't care for most "praise music" (Muzak for Christians?). I'm open to unfamiliar songs or styles.

Suggestions would be warmly welcomed.


  1. I like Eden's Bridge.. they do hymns in a Celtic/Irish style. Defnitely good for singing in the car!

  2. hmmm, let me check. I know there are some good choir CDs but I don't know if they are widely available.

    Anonymous 4 doesn't work for that either (although they have a good gospel CD).

    The Cox Family, if you know their songs, would be good. You might really like them. (they're bluegrass gospel)

  3. Anonymous1:50 AM

    How about trying 'Ladysmith Black Mambazo' - I think they're fantastic!

  4. Thanks, ladies! These sound like good suggestions. (And Ladysmith Black Mambazo is definitely right up my alley!)


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