Because it keeps nagging at me,

I'm going to throw it out there:

Would anyone be interested in a Mid-Atlantic Meet-Up? I'm thinking maybe a dinner in Baltimore, since it's pretty Mid-Atlantically central?

Holler if you're game.


  1. I would love it but *pouts* not my state.

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    mrs. m,
    i don't think i could make it to baltimore, but i live in pennsylvania...where do you live?

  3. bummer, too far west... I'love a meetup with somebody...

  4. Come down and see me, Mrs. M.

    I'm near New Orleans.

    St. Casserole, not my cat Whistle

  5. Darn, I just was in the mid-Atlantic (helping at an ordination on Long Island, visiting a friend at Yale Div, road-tripping down to Raleigh-Durham with stops at the National Cathedral and Basilica of the IC). Maybe if I get back that way before too long.

  6. That's a great idea. Too bad I live nowhere near Baltimore.

    *sits in the pouting corner with Mindy*

  7. What about DC? I'm in Springfield...


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