I'm so excited! I start Monday, it doesn't pay much, but it's very flexible and they offered me a little more than my minimum was going to be (which was really nice). My boss is great, the department does great work, and there will be some flexibility, which is AWESOME!



  1. Oh, wonderful!!!! *happy dance* I am so very glad for you.

    What kind of job, can we know?

  2. Thank you for the happy dance!

    (I guess I did overlook an important detail, huh?) Administrative Asst. to the VP of Community Impact for a nonprofit.

    I'm also excited because I did all kinds of things I've never done before in an interview: asked for flexible schedule for ministry-stuff, told them I was on the ordination track (and that I only expected to be available for a couple of years), asked for a higher salary than what was offered, and voiced my uncertainty about the job description.

    AND YET! Here I am. Awesome.

  3. Oh rock on! Congratulations and yay for having the guts to speak up about salary and stuff! And for a nonprofit, too. I'm green with the envy!

    Enjoy it. :)

  4. hurrah hurrah a thousand times hurrah!

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    congratulations! sounds fab!

  6. Yay for you! Sounds like pretty spiffy stuff! Will you be in the position to at least make the cover sheets for the TPS reports a little prettier now?

  7. This is great news! Congratulations on being bold and negotiating terms that are good for you .. don't forget to use those skills again when it's time to negotiate terms of call, 'k?

  8. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  9. Just saw this--hearty congratulatiosn and good for you on the negotiations. Hope it is going really well.


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