Something Troubling

I don't know the details, not by a long stretch. But there's a person, Kate, who has always been kind and supportive to me here, and who was a member of my RevGal community. As I understand it, she's been asked to leave, not for sexual orientation exactly, but for reasons close to it.

I'm going to be as frank as I possibly can here: I don't understand polyamory. It would not work for me, in a really big way. But as I've said numerous times about the split in the Episcopal church, sexuality is not the heart of the issue for me. I absolutely cannot get my mind or my heart around the idea of excluding someone who is seeking God. We are Christians because we love Jesus, the way we understand the rest of it varies.

I'm really disappointed. I love this community of (mostly) women. I don't know how the decision was made, and I'm sure people had strong feelings about their reasons. Especially as women in ministry, it feels very awkward to tell someone that she doesn't fit the right mold.


  1. Oh hun, thank you, thank you for posting this!

    Don't worry about not understanding polyamory -- it's weird and complicated and it certainly would be _easier_ if there were only one of them, and it's not for everyone.

    For me it is, in a way, similar to having two (or more) children and loving them both; most everyone has two parents and loves them both. I just have two boyfriends and love them both.

    You get the same problems of spending more time with one than the other, of trying to avoid playing favourites that you get (so I understand; I don't have any) with children. Ideally, it's easier to deal with since everyone involved is a grownup, but you know as well as I that grownups do spectacularly dumb things sometimes, too.

    It's, I dunno. To me it doesn't feel very different from anyone else, but it's my life, so I suppose it wouldn't...

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  3. Thank you, thank you for speaking up for me on the RevGals blog itself, hun. I'm still boggled at the amount of support I've gotten. I...wow, still crying occasionally.

    You? Rock. It's that simple.


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