Highlights from the Summer Academy

I spend last week in a five-day summer session at a local UCC seminary. Took 2 classes (Preaching on Matthew, Global Worship for Inclusive Communities) and 1 workshop (Creating Liturgical Art). Had 12-hour days Monday through Friday, and then the drive home (exhausted by the time Saturday rolled around). Here are the highlights (and lowlights) :

  1. I'm about a bazillion times more comfortable with my brain than my heart. Ergo, my "academic" class was a great joy, and my "creating" class was very uncomfortable (albeit in a good way).
  2. If you're going to introduce new or unusual theology, talk to your class about how you got there. Unusual ideas or otherwise, people will be much more receptive if you don't plunge in assuming everyone agrees with you. Instructors who are talking about personal spirituality would be wise to use "I" statements, and respect the diversity that is likely to exist among their students.
  3. Speaking of diversity, it feels very, very good to be in a room with people who are not just middle-aged and white. "Diversity awareness" can so often have a tone of condescention: "wouldn't it be nice for Them if We let Them sit with Us?" How wonderful it was to be in the midst of so many different incarnations of beauty and wisdom.
  4. You don't have to know someone long to have a very real connection with them. I met a Kindred Spirit this week, and he was gracious enough to spend a few hours with me. We both shared, and I think we were both better for our brief tiny friendship.
  5. UCCers are not as rank-conscious as Episcopalians are. Nice respite, though also very weird.

More later, but I'm still processing. And still sleepy, frankly.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE UCC's! One of my favorite discoveries due to RGBP!


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