Because it was asked for...

My Momma asked me to update her blog for her since she is without internet access this week. Since I love her and she is the cat bed, I will do her bidding. She found out about the comments you have been leaving about the toe ring and she asked me to upload a picture of it. That big, smelly thing took it since I haven't figured out the buttons on the digital camera....yet. I will figure them out...oh I will. He may have thumbs, but I have stripes. Stripes always win over thumbs!

Anyway, world domination aside. Here is the picture:

As you can see, it is beautiful. It pleases me. Many things please me. My Momma pleases me. Glitter balls please me. The paper cat toys that the big, smelly things makes pleases me (he is good for something). The kibble pleases me. Cute Overload pleases me (there are many orange, ginger stripes displayed there).

I am pleased. Now I am off to figure out buttons. And to roll around in some catnip.



  1. Pretty ring and toes!

  2. Anthony....you did really well with the update.

    Your toes and the ring are adorable!!

  3. Anthony, did you give your Momma that beautiful pedicure?


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