Update: Shoes

For those of you who have anxiously been waiting for the resolution of my shoe quandry, I went with these:

I won't be wearing them with my suit, but they are darling. (Yes. As it happens, I like very, very femme shoes. I offset this with fairly tailored clothing.)
Thanks to Charlotte for reminding me how saucy heels can be.


  1. Thanks to me?

    I haven't even dared go into a shoe store yet! (Wait, I don't really count Dick's Sporting Goods, do you? I bought a new pair of running sneaks. To go with my cute running skirt...)

  2. Of course thanks to you-- you reminded me about the Italian women in their heels!

    Running skirt, running shoes... does that mean you're running? (I've been considering a running skirt for a while now... do you love it?)

  3. I totally love The Skirt. It's extremely comfortable and would be even without the skirt part. It's just kick-ier with the skirt. And more modest, but in a cool way, not a skirted bathing suit way.

    Yes, I am sort of running. I don't seem to have a whole lot of motivation!

  4. Loving them. Wanting them. What size do you wear? Can you bring them to me on Sunday? :)


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