Prayers, Please

One darling (very anonymous) RevGal is in a terrible position, and I'd like to ask for your prayers. I'm not posting her name, the blog name, or her pseudonym, because discretion is important.

About a month ago, someone in her congregation found her blog. She has no idea how that happened, and honestly, I can't for the life of me figure out how they knew it was hers. The parishioner printed and distributed some of it at church on Easter, and as a result an already-toxic environment for her and her husband (co-pastors) has gone rapidly downhill. She's pregnant, expecting in June, but they are both being asked by their session to resign next week.

This is such a scary thing to post about, and not just because a lovely woman is in such an awful position. So many of us rely on this community, and really cherish our freedom here; I was hesitant to post initially because I didn't want to rattle anyone. But this sweet woman could use our prayers.

(Oh-- and someone asked a while ago why I went un-anonymous: this is a part of the reason. I cleaned up the tiny bit I might not want higher-ups to read, and came out, so that I wouldn't have reason to worry. A combination of a new commitment both to speak boldly, and to watch my mouth.)


  1. Oh dear. This is exactly why I continue to consider going public with my blog as well. I do wonder about much of the old material however but it might have to happen.

  2. That's terrible.

  3. yes, just dreadful. sigh...


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