Tanning Lotion PSA

I am a pasty woman. There's enough skin cancer in my family for me to understand that a "healthy glow" is a contradiction in terms, but I hate to be pasty in the summer.

I've tried a few different gradual tanning lotions (I'm not ready for the commitment of full self-tanner), and I've FINALLY found one that doesn't smell to high heaven. I'm excited to tell you that it has only a very light citrus scent, and that it moisturizes well, too.

Behold, the Mary Kay product:
PS-- I almost didn't post this, because I didn't want to distract from the Round Robin post below. Go check it out!


  1. My doctor just fussed at me yesterday about not wearing sunblock often enough. So your post hits home. Sigh.

  2. White legs here--that might be a good idea for them. (White fat legs look worse than TAN fat legs. . . .)


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