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I was talking to LadyBurg a couple of weeks ago, and one thing that came up was that, when we trim our schedules, we have to get rid of some really, really good stuff. When we say "no," it's often not "no, I don't want to." More frequently, it's "no, I'd love to, but I can't do everything."

That kind of "no" is hard to say.

I got an email from a professional association I belong to letting me know about a fabulous conference in DC this summer, sponsored by Sojourners. I REALLY, REALLY would like to go. I would have to get there a little late, but not TOO late, because Summer Halfday Fridays will be in effect at my office by then. And you know how I'm pulled by the words, "Under 30? Join our Emerging Leaders."

But, it's the week after Mr. M and I get back from our (yes, very belated) honeymoon. Will I want a rest? And what about the money (maybe the parish could help...)

AND, there's the local seminary's Summer Academy. I really, really enjoyed it last year. This year, I would just do an evening session. So, I could do it. But should I?

Use of resources, time and money. Money's a teeny bit tight. Heaven knows Mr. M ought to put his foot down about all the PD we pay for... especially for a profession that I'm not part of yet!

But guys? This stuff looks wonderful.

Stuff to pray about.

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