Round Robin

Inspired by (at least) two immensely loveable RevGals (Mindy with her swaps and love of paper, diane with her appreciation of snail mail), I'd like to propose a Round Robin.

My grandfather's family does these, here's how it goes:
One person writes a (short, VERY SHORT) letter, sends it to the next person on the list. Person #2 writes another SHORT letter, adds it to Person #1's letter, and sends it to Person #3. Everyone continues in this manner until the Last Person adds their letter, and the Last Person sends all of it to Person #1, who takes out only their own first letter, and puts a new one in.

As you might imagine, this can take a while to get around, but is quite a lot of fun.

Anyone interested in a little snail mail? I'm thinking we could make a theme for each round (a question, or a recipe), and that would keep it short.

If you're interested, let me know in the comments, and I'll send an email/get things started!


  1. Sounds fun, I'd be interested.


  2. Ooooooo! Goodie! I want to play! I even have a stack of paper printed that says "The Round Robin" from when my aunts used to do just such a thing in the 40's! (It will tell you much about me that I still have it...15 years after the last one of them died.)

    Mrs. M, I think we must be soul mates of some type. :)

    Hey, I responded to your book comment at my place! Thanks for the suggestion, woohoo! I made one for you.

    Cheers! Let me know about the RR!

  3. I of course am interested. sounds fascinating! I like the theme idea, too.

  4. What a great way to de-lurk and actually participate in something for a change - sign me up!


  5. Sounds fun. I'll play.

  6. I'd like to do this, but I need to wait until I'm settled in my new place. Can you include me on a later round?

  7. Count me in! I used to participate in these things back in the days of snail-mail pen-pal clubs.

  8. I like this idea .. sign me up.

  9. sounds great. what now? Do we need to email you with addresses?

  10. OOOOhhh I want to, I want to!!!!! It would be do cool to get something besides bills and junkmail!

  11. I'm in--my email's on my profile page!

  12. OH OH OH!! I want in! Am I to late!

    Dammit I should not have been day dreaming in my own little world!


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