Sloths/Slugs/Lazy People

I had a hard time naming this post, because I wanted a corresponding title and picture. Since I'm really feeling like a slug, that was the obvious option. On the other hand, have you looked at a slug lately? Let me clarify: Disgusting, yes? So I obviously didn't want to share that analogy.

Then I thought about sloths-- aren't they fuzzy little creatures that also happen to lack energy? But when I looked a little closer, not so cute. The talons alone could scare the bejesus out of someone:

So we'll just be talking about lazy people today. I can do that one. This is a reasonably accurate depiction of me when I don't want to do something (clearly including taking care of my hair, makeup, and wardrobe):

But I'm starting to become embarrassed by my laziness. It might very well be the tiniest nasty competitive streak I have: a college buddy has been competitively biking all summer, another one is running a mini-marathon in October, and a darling coworker just finished an Ironman triathlon.
Me? I'm going to re-start my once-a-week hour of beginning ballroom dance next month (summer hiatus). I'd like to be more active, I just don't want to have to actually do something. Ya know?
I used to jog. Can't breathe in winter, though, which makes me inconsistant. I've thought about some sort of league sport, but I am painful uncoordinated at anything involving bats/balls/clubs/raquets. To an embarrassing degree. (I'm having painful elementary school flashbacks now of always, always being the last one picked. Dorky little girl in the middle of rough, competative, loud girls. Not a place I want to be again.) There's always the Pilates DVD, I guess. Not real impressive, eh? I'm certainly not going to get a t-shirt out of it.
I think I want a running partner. Not Mr. M, though he offers-- he's such a softy that when I start whining he lets me off the hook. Anyone know someone who might push me, but not demoralize me? I think that's what I want.

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  1. I've got a great trainer who can kick your rear end. But you have to pay him and well, he's not too close. But I like having a trainer. It motivates me to go and pushes me further than I think I can go.

    And don't be too hard on yourself.


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-Saint Molly Ivins