Just a Quick Hello

I'm just poking my head in, having noticed that I'm not the only one in the blogosphere who's been taking a nap lately.

I'm going to try to get last week's sermon up soon, and maybe a couple of recipes that Mr. M and I have played with. Last night I made fantastic lemon custard cakes-- unbelievable! So that recipe should be here soon, too-- with pics, I hope.

Hope everyone's holding up in this sweltering heat. Mr. M and I have been camping for the last week and a half. By "camping," I only mean that we've moved the mattress from the guest room (in our un-cool-able upstairs) to the living room (in our almost chilly downstairs). It's a little odd, but makes things more comfortable. (Funny how Central Air doesn't always quite do what you'd hope.)

Hang in there, folks!

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  1. We have the same problem with the AC. The first floor is comfortable, the second is hot, and the third, where our bedroom is located, is a suana. Miserable. We bought a window unit, which has worked wonders.

    Looking forward to the recipes!

    It has been a bit quiet in the blogosphere, hasn't it.


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