Getting Settled

My house is always a mess. Well, to be more accurate, I should say that it's always a mess UNLESS there are guests coming soon. It's my foolproof cleaning method.

But my desk... now, that's another kettle of fish entirely. I HATE a messy workspace. In college, I used to clean my dorm room before I worked on a project. People thought I was procrastinating, but really I just have a very hard time concentrating in clutter.

I've just started a new position, and I am replacing a PackRat. An extremely capable, friendly, sucessful PackRat, but nonetheless... I am flummoxed. I've already tossed/shredded/recycled quite a bit, but that's all just from the desktop and two small drawers. There are still 4 file drawers to go through, and 3 overhead bins. Not to mention her email folders, oh my!

Monday I stayed about an hour and a half after work to try to find the desktop. I'm seriously thinking that the best way to clear through everything might just be to come in on weekends/evening so that I can do stuff that isn't quite work stuff, but that I need to do for my sanity.

I'm also struggling to figure out what to keep and what to toss. Some of it's easy: a date stamp where the most recent year is 1989, insurance brochures from a company we stopped using several years ago. Some of it I'm sure is duplicates, but I've got to find the folders on the computer to make sure... and for privacy reasons, she tried to "bury" some information. Oy.

So, if you don't see me, please send food.

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