Coming Soon!

Lovely people have wondered what's happening when with seminary, so here's what I've got:

8/16: I meet with someone to schedule classes and do a brief-ish timed writing. (The writing is just to evaluate whether incoming students need additional help. Despite knowing that, I'm a little nervous.) I will be tremendously relieved to have a schedule and know what my classes will be. (In the meantime, it would probably be wise to use an awareness of "not knowing" as a spiritual practice.)

8/29: New student orientation! We'll meet each other, and learn where the restrooms are. (I assume there will be other info as well, of course.)

9/6: Classes begin!


  1. Oh my goodness, the bathrooms! We had freshman orientation this evening and the questions parents had were hysterical - and just like mine. First time high school parents are a lot like first time graduate students: we think we've gotten beyond the nerves, but we're only fooling ourselves ;)


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