Wednesday Prayers: Union

Dave and I have begun to exchange lists of things we'd like the other to pray about through the week. This is delightful to me. When we have so little time together, I feel a peculiar closeness to Dave when I talk to God about him.

This week, in addition to praying Dave's thanks and petitions, I'm rejoicing at this very act of mutual prayer. I've been part of prayer partnerships with other people at different points in my life, and it inevitably changes my relationship with them. The friendship doesn't always hold in the long run (people change, circumstances shift, and you know sometimes I'm a cranky pain in the rear), but linking their lives with God through the act of my prayer irrevocably affects their value to me. I become more willing to be compassionate, and my understanding that they are entirely beloved by God lingers past our time of commitment.

Do you pray with anyone? Have you committed to praying for someone? Can I pray with you?


  1. I love this idea of praying for/with each other on a regular basis. My spouse and I usually only do this during times of crisis, most frequently work crisis. I'd like to pray together during normal times too.

  2. I pray with you on many a Wednesday. It may be time to start praying for some cooler weather so I can garden with the students.


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-Saint Molly Ivins