Running With Joy

As I'm trying to get back on my feet (as it were) running-wise, post-injury, I've been doing the Couch-to-5k plan. On one hand it's very weird, because I've never had to intersperse running with walking before (though I have run very, very slowly). On the other hand, it's glorious, because I'm running again! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude each time I head out and back now. It means so much to me to be able to hit the pavement. (Well, the track, actually, because until I'm stronger, I want a more giving surface than asphalt or concrete.)

Dave did today's run/walk with me, and on the way home we talked about running goals. I've always wanted to go faster and longer (and to be frank: I've certainly always had a lot of room for improvement). But what I want most is to be running when I'm old. This lady is one of my heroes.

If I'm going to run when I'm 80, I must run now. I must strength train, cross-train, rest, eat well, listen to my body, and make wise decisions. (OK, yes, the woman in the article didn't start until her 60s-- but who wants to take that risk?) I want to go the distance. I'm not training for the next race, the next distance, or the next PR. I'm training for the race on my 80th birthday.


  1. glad to hear about how you are running again. Be gentle to those knees... stay on giving surfaces

  2. I'm late to commenting, but I wanted you to know that your comments about needing to run now if we still want to be running when we're 80 inspired me this week. It's warm and humid, about the worst possible running weather for my body. But I get out there and slog beside the sea. Then the sun rises, and I say, "Great show, God!"

    Thanks for getting me out the door!

  3. K B-A: Glad to be of service!


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