Wednesday Prayers: TMG

Baby prayers this week: a wonderful couple welcomed a new addition on Sunday, and I'm praying for their family and their future. These are some of my favorite prayers: that they all learn and grow together, that there is joy in their household, and that they find strength and comfort in God in those inevitable times when there is grief. I'm praying that the new baby stays healthy and strong. I'm thanking God for delivering him to such excellent parents.

And while I'm giving these thanks, I'm also holding M and her family in prayer. In the worst juxtaposition, she's losing a pregnancy now. She and her new husband are sure to be grieving. These are prayers for which I don't have words.


  1. How wonderful and how sad. You are such a good prayer warrior.

  2. Thank you Di. You don't know how much this means to me. :-)

  3. will hold these friends of yours in my thoughts. Peace and Hope.


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