A Quick Peek at LTS

Hi, y'all.

I'm having the darnedest time feeling like school is real, and about to start. The last time I did this, all my friends were doing it, too, and there was momentum. This time, it's just lonely me, waiting another week to schedule classes. I'm a wade-in kind of woman, and this seems like it's going to wind up being a dive-in situation. (The waiting, and the nothingingness until the waiting's over.... AUUUUUGH!!!!)

So I decided to drop by the school yesterday, and take a few pictures. Maybe by showing you where I'll be, it'll start to feel more real, and I'll feel more involved.

It's a little-bitty campus right downtown in (very, very) historic Lancaster City. LTS is literally across the street from Franklin and Marshall College (it looks as though it could be an annex).

This is the front of the school, as seen from W. James St. I discovered that it's really hard to take pictures of large buildings downtown: I couldn't get far enough away! The chapel is in this building (on the left side), and so are several classrooms and offices.

This is the same building, different angle. I think the shape of the chancel is lovely, and wanted to show you.

This is the library. In addition to holding a great stock of books and historical documents, it also serves as a cautionary tale about mixing architectural styles.

Finally, a wee nook. I'm hoping it's used and enjoyed, as it looks awfully cozy to me.

It's a tiny but beautiful place, and better yet, the people have been open and welcoming. I met a 2nd year MDiv. student yesterday who was kind enough to introduce herself, and then tell me how much she loved the school. It's not an uncommon occurrence, but I think it may be an uncommon community.


  1. SarahB9:30 AM

    Ooh, how nice to see photos of where you'll be.

  2. Cool photos! The library is indeed a cautionary tale, but still intriguing.

  3. Well, if it's across from F&M then I can imagine you there, since we visited F&M on one of our many college road trips!

  4. It looks beautiful and I'm sure you will adjust quickly. Going to (or back to) school is challenging as an adult. I know I have felt out of the loop many times but I am more confident now as I'm sure you will be after you meet some new people and network. Good luck- I wish you the best!


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