In Due Time

I have a very dear family friends from Memphis (Miss Lynn and Mr. Dail) who are really more like family than anything else. She babysat me for about 4 years when I was little, and when my mom was deployed for the first Gulf war, I lived with them. Their theology is a bit different from mine (they've been conservative Church of Christers forever-- not United Church of Christ, mind), but they were the first people I knew who really loved God.

As long as I can remember, Mr. Dail has had one thing to say about my impatience: "In due time, Diana Mary, in due time." I've been saying it to other people for a while (sometimes as an inside joke that only I'm in on), but lately I've been resting in its wisdom. As people around me are sharing their stories (both friends online and IRL), I'm remembering that things do happen "in due time," which is often not my time.

For me there's a connection between waiting for God's time and understanding that I don't control the universe. In my own life, when incredible things have come together, it's not been because of my iron will (though there have been times that tenacity played a part). I have seen that when the time is right, things fall into place. I don't mean to oversimplify, or imply that there's not sometimes pain in waiting. I have no idea why some prayers aren't answered. I cannot even begin to understand how God works. But when I wait for God, solutions often come about that I could not possibly have orchestrated.

And so my friends, I'm embracing Mr. Dail's wisdom. "In due time, Diana Mary, in due time."

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