Blogger Backgrounds

OK, since I'm tooling around with my layout instead of actually writing posts, I figured I might as well let you know how I'm doing it:

If you go to "Layout," and then "Edit HTML" on your blogger dashboard, there's an easy-peasy way to make a picture your background. Right under

body {

plop in

background-image: url(http://yourpicture.jpg);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;
background-attachment: fixed;

inserting your own picture link in the parenthesis. The picture was a little tricky. I have the best luck with pics (oh, and make sure you select the largest size option) from flickr.com (right click on the photograph, then select "Properties" to get the web address), but regular pics are usually too hard to read. SOOO, a handy alternative is to upload pics to picnik.com (sort of a web-based free photoshop... but not) and I make the exposure much lighter, then save to flickr. Then, you know, do the other stuff I said.

Hopefully it's not to hard to read. And it's fun, because once the code is in, it's super easy to change the background pic by just swapping out the web address with one for a new picture.

If I've omitted info, or that doesn't work, let me know!

Oh, one other thing-- my desktop shows only the pic, but my laptop shows white space on the sides. You can offset a little by making the background color (in "Layout" and then "Fonts and Colors" something close to the main color of your pic. AND since blogger doesn't offer a lot of color codes, I go to this site for more options.)

Oh-- and all of these applications are free.


  1. My background is from a scrapbook site download. Your instructions are really good. I got a lot of mine from a blog called chocolate on the cranium.

  2. Oh, thank you, thank you! I've been wondering how you did this and just may give it a try today. :)

  3. Thank you, Diana! One of these days I'm going to fiddle with mine. I'm a little bored with what I have.


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