Beachy Friday Five

Mother Laura couldn't have had better timing with this Friday Five:

So in honor of summer, please share your own beachy memories, plans, and dreams with a "Beach Trip" Friday Five.
1. Ocean rocks, lake limps? Vice versa? Or "it's all beautiful in its own way"?
I really enjoy both, but I think I prefer the ocean. There's an odd freedom and reassurance for me in something that huge. It gives me perspective.

2. Year round beach living: Heaven...or the Other Place?
I've done it a few times. In Oceanside, CA:
And in Okinawa, Japan: I wouldn't want to do it again in either of those places, but I think I could live happily near an East Coast beach. Despite spending more of my childhood there than in any other place, I'm just not at all a California girl.

3. Any beach plans for this summer?

Funny you should ask! We JUST GOT BACK from a very, very belated honeymoon in St. Martin.

4. Best beach memory ever?
When I went home to CA right after my last semester of college, I drove my mom's convertible to the beach, drank a root beer, and burned all of the notes for my senior research in one of the fire rings. It was fabulous. (I did, of course, keep the 70+ page final product.)

5. Fantasy beach trip?
Don't really have one. I love the beach, it's one of my favorite thinking places, we just got from my very first vacation ever. We didn't do vacations when I was growing up, so it doesn't really occur to me to dream about them.


  1. Good play, and I love the story about burning the notes!

  2. Great play. You asked where I was headed in PA--I'm hoping to be called to two small churches just north of Johnstown, PA. I see you are in E-town. Maybe we'll meet on this journey. I grew up close to where you are.

  3. I liked seeing the beach at Oceanside. I went to 3-5 grades there on the base, and I loved going to the beach back then. Nice memories.

  4. what a lovely oceanic background your blog has... and looks like you had a great time in St. Martin - hooray for belated honeymoons!

  5. No vacations as a child! There is a law against that I believe. You are now making up for this, I hope. Lovely picture of you in St. Martin.

  6. I had hardly any vacations as a child (really only two real ones). so I know what you mean, a little. I do love the picture of you at St. Martin.

    And I have been to Japan, but never Okinawa.


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