Wednesday Prayers: Family

I was taught in my teens (note: I didn't learn it then) that if I wanted a situation or relationship to change, I had to do something different. It took (obviously) years for that to sink it.

I love my mom very much, and I'd like my relationship with her to be better, so a little while back I started to do things differently. Change happens slowly, and I don't know how things will turn out. I worry about her (though I try to remember Jesus's instructions to turn our worries over to him).

I'd love to have prayers for God to guide both of us into a healthier relationship with one another. Comfort and love from our heavenly Parent in the meantime would be (and is) a blessing, too.

Are there prayers I can tack onto my corkboard for you this week, too?


  1. I will totally be praying for you and her for that relationship.

    Please pray for my sister and sister in law...both of whom are ill and unwilling to take the treatment the doctors want them to...


  2. You've got it, Mary Beth. Praying for the rest of your family, too, as this is surely hard on you.

  3. Di -

    I have the same prayer request. Thinking and praying for you.

    Neither one of us can pick up the phone. She can't pick it because she can't help but be the victim and I can't pick it up because I am tired of not ever getting to be "the victim" or someone that she cares enough to rise to the moment for. How pathetic - for me.

    My love to you -


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-Saint Molly Ivins