In Which Nothing of Any Striking Significance Happens

There's not much to report right now. It may well be the calm before the storm, but it's quiet. We've had rain-then sun-then rain- then sun lately, which I like. I'm a huge fan of rainstorms (they're really comforting, I can't explain this), but I get moody when it's gray too long, so it's been nice.

I'm in discerning overload, but I'm not doing it alone, which is wonderful. I'm wincing a little, because Episcopalians talk a lot about discerning ministry in community, and my experience with the process hasn't been that way at all. Those discerning with me are not people with whom I have relationships at all. Admittedly, in the early stages, I had a parish discernment group,and my vestry recommended me, but at the diocesan level I wouldn't say I've experienced community.

But, as I'm starting to ask broader questions, I'm finding that wonderful people whom I really enjoy are just racing out of the woodwork to be part of discernment. And that is a tremendous gift from God. And very possibly a nudge.


  1. I'm so glad people are coming out of the woodwork to help you with discernment. and yes, I do believe it is a nudge.

  2. Nudges are important. It is good that people are coming out of wherever to help!

  3. Not so sure I agree with the chapter title m'dear! Good on ya for the content, tho!


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