Crafty Silly Secrets

OK, I have a silly secret plan, but I need your help. I'm driving out to see one of my very favorite girlfriends in Dayton in a few weeks, and I need to bring some whimsy with me.

I need suggestions on ways to decorate t-shirts. That's not exactly what we'll be decorating, but it'll get me close enough. I want to bring a silly kit with me (and probably a couple of bottles of red wine).

Help me out, friends!


  1. Applique, paint, and fabric markers all come to mind immediately. Is that what you mean by "way"?

  2. How about sparkly puff paint, sequins, those little stick on jewels?

    Now what little sayings you might want to use those are totally up to you. ;)

  3. I'll second the paint, you could also have fun with buttons, ribbons and all sorts of stuff. Some fabric glues are great for this stuff!

  4. Get happy meal toys or the like and sew them on the t-shirts. Put thread around the necks of the lil toys then attach to shirt. It could work...


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