Chasing Skirt

I admit it: I like paraphernalia more than I like hobbies. I like accoutrements more than activities.

So, I'm a sporadic knitter, embroiderer, quilter, runner, baker, dancer, yoga practioner, rosary pray-er, guitar player.

But The Stuff is always so nifty. *sigh*

So when my July edition of Runner's World came in the mail, and there were a variety of articles on running skirts, I knew I was being led into temptation. I'd been running really consistantly Dec-April, but then... nothing. I can blame it on a cranky illiotibial band (and that's part of it), but mostly I just got distracted.

SO, I came up with a plan: I can buy a skirt after I've run as many miles as the skirt costs dollars. Once I get into the habit, I'm much more likely to stay on the wagon.

I shared my plan with Mr. M, and he likes it so much he's adapted it for himself. He would really like to buy himself a Wii, but also wants to make sure that he stays active. Because he's a creative guy, he's added a caveat: only outdoor miles build the Wii fund. Treadmill miles don't count, because he wants to counteract the indoor-ness of video games. He figures it'll last long after he gets the Wii, because then he'll want games, and accessories.

I'm kind of excited. It's nice to have incentive, and it's nice to have a partner in crime.

Oh, and you know what else would be nice? If this race series planned a race closer to me.


  1. boy, I haven't heard of this. I'm more a walker than a runner, though. bet you don't need walking skirts :)

    oh well.

  2. Never heard of running skirts before, but if they help the running, go for it!

  3. This is a very cool incentive. Yea for you!


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