You know, I could post on something intelligent and edifying. But I'm a little tired, so we're going for the smutty pages of the paper. Still, I think my theory is worth mentioning.

I believe that, in general, men are more likely to cheat on dynamic, attractive women. In every case that I've known personally, the Wife/Girlfriend/Partner was more interesting and more attractive than the Other Woman. Maybe I've known a disproportionate number of insecure men, but it's always looked like the man was looking for someone who wouldn't outshine him.

Silda Wall Spitzer is one incredibly attractive woman. Dina McGreevy is strikingly pretty. Neither of these women are empty-headed arm candy, either-- they're very bright, successful women. These are interesting women, people who didn't need their husbands' importance.

So I'm lifting my glass to Ms. Wall Spitzer, and praying she has people around her who hold her up.


  1. I agree.

    And I hope that she makes millions in their settlement and the book that she will write.

  2. I hope the gardener preforms well.


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-Saint Molly Ivins