Brown Shoes.

Alright, ladies. I know that those who are most knowledgable about shoes may be off at the Big Event, but I need Pump help.

Here's the situation: I'm looking for a pair of medium-brown (not dark, but not pasty-Anglo-flesh-colored, either) heels. I think I'd like them to be peep toes, partly because I don't want them to be too staid. (I've spent every year out of college buying things that my grandmother would be completely comfortable wearing. As I'm learning not to apologize for my age, I'd like to start presenting an image that's still professional, but doesn't say that I'm praying you don't notice that I'm not on the verge of retirement.) I want to be able to wear them with my navy skirt suit, but also with various summer dresses. (Ergo dressy, but not uber-dressy). Here are the options I've found on Zappos. I'm more than open to other suggestions.


  1. I like the ones with the highest heels... but that's me -- and of course I think that if you're wearing them with navy, a color (such as pink, ahem!) would be lovely, too!

  2. I have no expertise of my own to offer, but happily refer you to the wonderful PeaceBang, and her blog
    Beauty Tips for Ministers
    . If you don't know her already, you must check out her site. It's a hoot. (But also quite helpful!) :)

  3. I like the first pair, though those heals are too high for me.

    I tend to avoid peaky toes because I can't stand them under vestements. ;) But for suits and summer dresses go for it.

  4. I like the top two. And now that I know what you look like (thanks, facebook) I think the highest heels are the best.

    You have a definite cute vibe - the heels would make it spicy :)

    In Italy, women wear the most ridiculous heels, everywhere: on vespas, sledding in the snow, in the grocery store...I've thought about taking photos, but I think that would mark me as a TOTAL outsider, no?

  5. Anonymous7:31 PM

    If you want shoes to wear with summer dresses, the bottom pair is the best, as they are the most airey and feminine. The top right are also good because of the interesting heel shape. If you can wear heals as high as the first pair go for it. Im not so sure about brown shoes with navy--but if its a light blue, brown shoes would be great.

    But hey, dont worry. I'll never see you. I just lurk here.

  6. oh dear I wear Danskos, so I'm afraid I'm not the best one to tell you. They are ALL beautiful. I would not wear the highest heels, because after a couple of hours, I would feel like I was about 80 years old. But I love the look of them. I'd probably wear the lowest of the three.

    Is this for worship? How long will you be standing?

    just wondering. It makes a difference for me, anyway.

  7. Well, I'm into Keens, which don't look professional at all, but I'm not that either. I like the pair on the top right.

  8. i came over from PeaceBang's blog.. the first are definitely the most classic/young looking.

    The detailing on the other two makes them both look much "older" though the second pair is the better of the two, I think, if you're not comfortable with the highest heel.

  9. i like the top left ones with the nice woven front. conservatively fierce. xo


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