I am a serious space cadet this morning, thoughts wandering all over the place. My latest: wouldn't it be great to do a marathon? Now, I run a few times a week, but we're talking a couple miles a few times a week.

So, first I had A Plan. (I always have A Plan.) Plan was, do a 1/2 marathon in the spring, then do a full one after we have our first kid. (No, nobody's PG.)

But then I was using Runner's World's Race Finder. And usually, 1/2 marathons accompany full marathons.

Here's the problem-- who wants to do half of something when there are other people out there doing a whole something?

AND THEN I learned that there's a Flying Pig marathon. Well, tell me, is there anything that seems more appropriate?

Oy. It's in May. This is probably not a good idea.

But I love this idea.

OH MY GOODNESS: Now I've had a flash of genius-- are there any interested RevGals who might want to form a little team?!


  1. what's a flying pig marathon? I have to admit, it does sound up my alley.
    but, I might be totally misreading this.

  2. Hey, Diane, thanks for asking. (Sometimes I need people to point out that I've been vague.) I've added a link to the actual marathon site, so that should answer most questions. It's a regular marathon, I just think the title's catchy.

  3. Alas...I am not a runner! I keep thinking I need to change that...

    Let me see if I can get anything going. But don't hold your breath!

  4. maybe a 5 k?

    And I'm sorry for giggling when I read, "and then do a full one after we have our first kid." Just because I turned into such a creampuff after having kids doesn't mean you will. When you run your first marathon I wil cheer the very loudest!

  5. wow- good for you, as for running- no my legs don't do that! They swim, they do tai-chi, but they don't run... hold that thought though, if this is something you want to do, go for it!

  6. Complete a marathon has been on my list of goals for forever, or so it seems. At first the goal was before my 40th birthday now I'm hoping to get my act together before my 50th. (Only 2 years left!)

    The Madison (WI) Marathon is also in May, but I know I won't be ready for 26.2.

  7. You CAN do a marathon in May if you're a recreational runner - I signed up for the Fargo Marathon, my first, in January of '06 and ran it that May, and I was a "couple of miles a day" runner just like you.

    Go for it!

  8. fantastic! i'm not a runner but it sounds great.

    GO FOR IT! perhaps you could post your idea for a RevGal team on the RevGal site and have more postive responses.



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