And a question for the peanut gallery:

I may have become a puritanical old fussbudget. I'm not ruling that option out.

But I opened our monthly church newsletter this weekend, and there was a full-page spread of 10 horror movie reviews "in honor of" Halloween. Now, the movie reviews are a regular feature, and I've thought that many of them were inappropriate before, but this seemed beyond inappropriate and into offensive. Should the parish really be endorsing "The Exorcist," "Halloween," and "Poltergeist?" Or is it just the married-to-a-Quaker part of me that thinks we shouldn't be promoting violence as entertainment?

I should clarify: If you think horror movies are fun, that's your entertainment choice. I don't care that much. My question is more about the purpose and function of a church newsletter, and the commentary we make just by putting the Episcopal Shield over a statement.

Honestly, how would you feel about this? Would you talk to the author? Or the rector? Both? (The author is, btw, a vestry member.)


  1. I would arch one eyebrow and wonder what twilight zone I'd fallen into. I'm not anti-Halloween, its a harmless holiday. But horror movie reviews in a church newsletter?

    Seems like there are far better uses of the church's paper and copier toner. How about some remembrances of parishioners who have past on in the last year in honor of All Saints instead? Or even a little history article about the early Celts and how Samhain and All Saints became the Halloween we have today?

    If I were the rector that one would have been a big ole no-go. Until I'm the rector I'll just keep on raisin' that eyebrow. ;)

  2. You have got to be kidding! Horror movie reviews in a church newsletter? I know we all try ot be relevant to the times and our people, but endorsing horror flicks? sigh. What ever happend to Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin?

  3. Yeah, that stikes me as just wrong. Not that enjoying a horror flick is wrong (though not my cuppa tea,) but the church newsletter is not the place.

  4. I'm also surprised that a church newsletter would endorse horror movies, or even discuss movies in general.

  5. Oh yeah, what they all said. I can see a movie disucssion about a relevant movie or even a controversial one if there is a point or a purpose, but just a list like this, nope, "thumbs down."

  6. hmmm, I am just going to say something different here, even though I think I agree with all above. I once took a theology of film class at a seminary for fun and I could imagine the man who taught the class doing something amazing with the list or at least some of the movies on the list. So I would not rule out a thoughtful look at some of the movies????


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-Saint Molly Ivins