Oh, No!!

Mr. M and I are having a HUGE PROBLEM.

We've been checking out Gilmore Girls DVDs from our library. Unfortunately, they don't have season 5, so we skipped from season 4 to season 6.

APPARENTLY, a lot of major stuff happened in season 5.

I'm distraught. And, I can't remember the password for our netflix account, so I can't get it that way, either.

Tragedy, my friends.

Also, I couldn't find the latest book in the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency series this morning. Mr. M brought it home from the library tonight, but this morning, the whole library bag was AWOL. Seriously, I'm becoming fiction deprived.


  1. What do you need to know?

  2. Well, first of all, what the heck happened with Dean?! Last I heard he was married to Lindsay, but then in season 6, Rory said he'd been her first?!?

    Also, where did Sookie get a second child?

    That's the start of my questions...

  3. Dean and Rory got together while Dean was married. Lorelai was horrified by her dd's behavior. Lindsay threw Dean out. I guess they got divorced and vanished.

    Si=ooki'es second child appeared in the usual way. Number 3 is on the way because Jacksin lied about having a vascetomy.


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