Doin' a little dance...

I sent off my seminary application yesterday, which means that I have NO OFFICIAL RESPONSIBILITIES for an undetermined period of time. (Which, if all goes well, means August.)

Free evenings. Free weekends. Lower stress. I am DOING A DANCE!!!! about how marvelous it is to have the next stage in someone else's hands.


  1. Oh, I rememeber that feeling last winter! All done and the problem of other people!

  2. I just found your blog - and was shocked to see my blog on the blogroll! :-)

    Where are you going to seminary?

    I guess you've probably discovered that you'll get the no-holds-barred-sometimes-cranky-but-real view of seminary over on my blog. :=)

    Shh... I try to be anonymous - my blog isn't public knowledge on campus, but feel free to post any questions you have this summer.


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-Saint Molly Ivins