Friday Five-- Big Event Edition

Songbird over at RGBP provides this week's Friday Five:

Did you know that the major purpose for forming a non-profit, RevGalBlogPals, Inc., was to be able to attract grant support for a large scale RevGalBlogPal meetup? My dream from the beginning has been attracting financial support that would allow as many of our bloggers to be together as possible.

RGBP, Inc. now has a planning committee, and we are in the early stages of planning the RevGalBlogPal Big Event. What, When, Where and Who are all on the table at the moment. In that spirit, I bring you the Big Event Friday Five.

1. What would the meeting be like? (Continuing Ed? Retreat? Outside Speakers? Interest Groups? Workshops? Hot Stone Massages? Pedicures? Glorified Slumber Party?)

There's such a wealth of experience and ideas among the RGBPs, I don't think I'd need an external speaker to be there. I like a combination of Retreat/Massages/Pedicures/Glorified Slumber Party. More self-care and mutual support, less professional development. (Frankly, I think we'll develop professionally regardless of the agenda!)

2. When in 2008 might you be able to attend? January? Shortly after Easter? Summer? Fall? Some other time?

Hopefully I'll have both seminary and CPE to take into account next year, but I'll try to be flexible. January would be fantastic.

3. Where would your dream meeting location be? (Urban Hotel? Rural Retreat Center? New England Camp? Southwestern Fantasy Hotel? Far away from civilization? Nearby Outlets or Really Great Thrift Stores?)

Shopping definitely does not appeal, nix the outlets and even thrift stores. I'm wild about the beach in winter, so if we got together in January, that'd be my answer.

4. Who would make a great keynote speaker? (That's if #1 leads us in that direction.)

So many-- St. Casserole, Pink Shoes, Songbird, Iris... but my point is that if there were speakers, I'd love for them to come out of our community.

5. Did I leave out something you want to suggest?
Food. There should be lots of tasty food.

Dream big for the Big Event!!!

Afterthought:Mother Laura suggested New Orleans as a meet-up location, and that seems like a perfect idea. What a wonderful way to be supportive through presence.


  1. welcome fellow beach lover- I love the beach in winter too :-). Great play

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence in my speaking abilities!

    Also, thank you for your kind support over at my place. It really, truly helps.

  3. I agree with the lots of tasty food!

  4. Thanks for the compliment! Lots of people seem to like January, but for those of us in snowy parts of the country, the travel might be a problem. We'll get it all sorted out!

  5. good ideas.
    Hope you get those CPE and seminary done.


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