I Just Received This Month's Most Upsetting News.

West Wing has been cancelled.

I love President Bartlett. I would have voted for him twice. Actually, I would have voted for him as many times as I could have gotten away with. hee hee.

I want to be C.J. I want to play poker with Toby. I want to watch Charlie give everyone sass.

But mostly... I want someone to reassure me that Josh will remove his head from the dark recesses of wherever-it-now-resides and marry Donna.

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Jeb Bartlett is my president. I want to have a drink (or drinks) with Toby. I want to say "Fuzzy Bear" in front of him.

    This is indeed a very sad day.

    If they don't do something about the Josh And Donna think I think that I may well explode. Josh needs to get his head out of his posterior.


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