Indulge me while I make some introductions.

We don't have kids, we have kits. 2 of them, in fact. And yes, I have a favorite. How could you not?

This is Anthony when I first adopted him. Insanely cute, right?

But to be fair, Romper was pretty cute when he was wee, too. (Hey mom-- anything look familiar?)

Of course, Romper and Anthony have nothing on Mr. M.

I'd like to share with you that our wee furry friends have some strange hangouts. For instance, it takes a better woman than I to get Anthony out of the rafters (OK, taller-- 5'3" just doesn't get a lot done sometimes).

Romper hides here because Anthony (who's smaller and younger, but faster-- think about that, Mr. M) likes to chase him and bite his tail.

But occasionally, they're buds.

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-Saint Molly Ivins