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I got my Alma Mater's annual solicitation in the mail today. It was great timing; I'd been telling Mr. M how much I'm looking forward to Homecoming / 5-Yr Reunion next year, and how fun it will be to take our kids to Homecoming one day. (OK, yes... I was saying I'd really like it if they actually went to college there... geez, get off my back.)

And I'm thrilled to say, for the first time ever, I've been able to send them a check. (The first time that wasn't a tuition payment, that is.) It was a tiny check, but I love that I contributed, I love that I'm still involved.

Go Big Red!

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  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    D-E-N-I-S-O-N...Denison...Go RED! hehe...are you going this year?? that's my 5 year. it's sooo crazy!! i miss it. i went back when PattyCake was there during Spring break and saw dear Freddus. and we ran around like silly fools too. i miss you!! we still need to go protest the destruction of our tree. fie. loves, thing 2


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