Darn, this train moves fast.

I just called the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale (because their perspective student day wasn't on the web site), and it's NOV. 3! Which might put a damper on my plans to go to D.C at the end of October... especially since my car needs to be inspected, and Mr. M needs new brakes.

The money involved with just getting in is daunting. Fortunately, the parish will help. Unfortunately, it's still a lot of money. I don't think I realized in high school that visiting colleges isn't a cheap venture. This time round, we also have to pay for a psych eval for Mr. M and I -- our rector remembers that amounts to about a grand. Then there's paying for the GRE and applications and moving expenses. It adds up.

There's some serious forward momentum at this point. A couple of months ago, Mr. M and I agreed that we needed to stop talking about the future so much and worry more about the "now." Last night, we agreed the future stuff is happening now!

I'm getting really excited, but I'm also petrified. This is not like undergrad was; there's a lot more upheaval involved, and it feels a lot more serious. And then there's the commitment... have I mentioned how I feel about commitment? Scared the bejeebers out of me. What the heck am I doing?!?!

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