Wednesday Prayers: Moving

Remember the Flood Stink?  It hasn't gone away.  It was the last straw.

We've been thinking about moving for a very long time, and on Sunday (our 7th anniversary), we signed a new lease.

We'll be saying goodbye to:
  • Our first home together.
  • ...where we've had many delightful guests.
  • The neighborhood route we've been running together for years (where Dave started running!).
  • Kind, helpful neighbors.
  • An excellent pizza place just 4 doors down.
  • A tiny comic book store with a charming proprietor.
  • The library down the street where Dave has volunteered for ages.
  • A very spacious home.
  • An avocado green refrigerator,  (That's one goodbye we're happy about!)
  • A creek next to our building that has ducklings every year.
  • Our heron friend at the nearby pond.
  • A lot of stuff (the new place is tiny).
  • Our favorite fishmonger.
We'll be saying hello to:
  • Old friends just blocks away.
  • A bustling downtown with galleries, shops, and restaurants.
  • A CLEAN, SAFE apartment with a great landlord.
  • A slightly dodgy neighborhood.
  • A tiny, cozy space, where we'll try to think carefully about what our living space really means to us.
  • A very short commute for me.
  • A chance to offer hospitality to my fellow students.
  • A new train commute for Dave (sometimes).
  • New neighbors.
In all, it's a good trade, but it's important to me to remember that there are celebrations and losses living side by side.

For all of us in the midst of upheaval and transition, Lord have mercy.

How about you?  Are you in a transition I can pray for with you?  Is there anything else I can be praying about in your life?

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  1. moving is a great time to get rid of stuff, whether into a big house or new smaller apartment.


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-Saint Molly Ivins