On the Just and the Unjust

I jotted notes in my margins today to tell you all the marvelous things that are happening at school, but that's all been trumped by... EVACUATION!

Our apartment flooded.  Heck, the whole damn region flooded.  The amount of rain here is unreal, I've never seen anything like it, it's kind of terrifying.

I'm incredibly grateful to be safe, and accompanied by our (completely traumatized) cats.  Also grateful for Dave's hotel discounts! 

I often sing old gospel songs when I'm scared (well, not when taking tests or interviewing... more like when driving, or having an MRI).  On the half hour drive to Harrisburg, I sang, and three cats joined me.  It's hard to say which of us sounded worst.  Also:  "streams of mercy, never ceasing" has a whole new meaning for me now.

Dave's stranded in NYC.  Yet again, a natural disaster has kept him from getting home.  Poor guy-- I think it's hard to be helpless while your wife is dealing with an emergency.

But seriously, y'all:  NEW COUCH!  Right?  This totally justifies it.

Prayers for everyone here, please.  The woman who checked me in tonight said that they're taking people out of her neighborhood by boat.


  1. Jessica Re8:38 PM

    I want to see a picture of this infamous couch. I'll send you a pic of my ug chair and we'll compare

  2. Come Thou Font of Every Blessing...

    Did you sing
    Eternal Father?
    Wade in the Water?
    By the Rivers of Babylon?
    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?
    I Shall Not Be Moved?
    It Is Well With My Soul?

    As the Deer Pants for Water? ;)

    Sorry! Having entirely too much fun at your expense. Joe and I send our love and our (dry and) warmest wishes!

  3. I DID sing "Fount" and "It is Well." Thought about exactly what I was singing. And cringed with each song that talked about going to meet Jesus, as today didn't feel like the day for that.

  4. I feel bad for you and everyone else up there having to evacuate your homes and leave behind precious(and not so precious) belongings. I am grateful to God that you all are safe and reasonably sound!

  5. I just saw you have had 15 inches of rain!! I suspect the cats were singing the most desparate of Psalms. How about singing "Joy is Like the Rain"? Weird title, considering the situation, but I love the line, "Whipped by wind, yet still afloat, joy is like the rain." Well, maybe the couch can sink. . .

  6. Oh my gosh--you will never forget your first week of seminary! Sorry for the stress and loneliness, grateful you're all safe.

  7. Wow! Y'all are having an exceptionally bad hurricane season--unlike us folks down here where the U.S. actually sticks out!

    Good luck--prayers are with you!

  8. You are welcome to come stay at my home any time....cats too. I know it will be a bit of a drive.

    I am so very thankful that you are safe!


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