Wednesday Prayers: Tuscaloosa

I got a text from my mom on Monday-- she's headed to Tuscaloosa with a church group to do some tornado relief. They'll be down there for about a month. Mom is phenomenally good in any sort of crisis (and the week I got married she was damn near a superhero). She's had all sorts of relevant training, and she's an incredibly creative problem-solver.

All this month, I'll be praying for that trip. That her church is able to serve the people in Alabama well. That my mom stays safe, and also that this is a time of peace and fulfillment for her. That both the serving and the served are blessed.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate your keeping the trip in your prayers, too. Do you have anything you'd like me to add to mine?


  1. Anne Dalton1:44 PM

    Oh, what a wonderful opportunity for your mom. Will keep her and her team in my prayers.

    Please, a prayer for me? In an already crazy week, my mother's father died. I will be going, very quickly, tomorrow and returning Friday evening. The services are Friday morning. It has been years since I have seen anyone, including her. . . Prayers all around will be appreciated!


  2. Oh, sweet baby Moses. Anne, you know I've got you on this.

  3. Praying for your mom and her colleagues, Di. Please pray for me as I continue to try and draw attention to the Dignity pedophile priest situation--today, by writing a couple of well known Catholic bloggers (one feminist/progressive, one centrist) who can do more to publicize things than I can. I'm a mix of hoping it will happen, fearing it won't and fearing it will (the "don't tell" injunction goes so deep for survivors--plus realistically many of the people who are most likely to care and blog will be rabid RC conservatives happy to bash girl priests along with "those homosexuals.") Thanks and can't wait to see you on Friday!


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